Our team:

Spreading happiness

Our mission is to spread happiness and provide something unique to the community. 

Josh and Katie Sigmon
Owner & Founder
Josh and Katie met as camp counselors in North Georgia in 2012. They got married in a fever, tying the knot in 2013. Josh is the dreamer, brains and muscle behind Pop-Up & Putt while Katie is the realist and behind-the-scenes organizer. Together, they make a pretty great team.
No matter what they do in life, their mission is to make people happy. 

Our course:

Family designed and family made

Our mini golf course consists of 9 handmade holes. Each hole is lined with classic green artificial turf and features an obstacle such as bowling pins, a bridge, or a loop-de-loop.

The course can be set up outdoors or inside. We just recommend a space that is at least 27' x 22'.