All you need to know
How much space do I need?

At a minimum we suggest a space around 27' x 22'. This allows for walking space between the holes.

Does the surface need to be perfectly flat?

Nope! A flat space is ideal, but sometimes a gentle slope gives the course an added challenge.

What is the deposit for?

The deposit holds your date from anyone else and covers any damages done to the equipment. If there are damages to the course or our equipment, the deposit is kept and does not go towards the total due. 

What about bad weather?

Unfortunately, we are not able to set up in the rain. If rain is in the forecast, we will call and discuss whether or not you want to reschedule. In the event of a quick storm, we will leave tarps with you and ask that you please cover the course to ensure it stays dry. Any significant water damage would result in the loss of your deposit.

Should I tip the staff?

Tips are not expected, but are always welcome!